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Now Available - MiSTer Expansion Boards

Selection of boards
I/O v6.0 USB v2.1 XSD v2.5 128 MB RTC v1.3
Audio Input v1.1 I/O v6.0 Kit USB v2.1 Kit XSD 128 Meg Kit

IMPORTANT NOTE: We currently have a 3 to 5 day backlog on build to order items

Fully Assembled Boards:

Board Notes Price US$

Status (27 Mar)

SDRAM XS 1.1 32 Meg (Winbond)


Build to Order
SDRAM Universal 3.1 32 Meg (Winbond)


Build to Order
SDRAM XS 2.2 - 32 32 Meg (Winbond)


Build to Order
SDRAM XS 2.2 - 64 64 Meg (Alliance)


In Stock

SDRAM XSD 2.4 or 2.5 128 Meg (Alliance)


In Stock

I/O v 5.6 w/heatsink, fan & brackets


Build to Order
I/O v 6.0 XL w/heatsink & fan


In Stock
RTC 1.3

w/battery & support brackets


In Stock

USB Hub 2.1

w/"L" connector, standoffs,

and power "Y" cable


In Stock
Audio Input Board w/ 3d printed spacer


In Stock

Kits: (Usually 1 day to label and package)

Note that these kits require surface mount soldering equipment and expertise. If you need more info, please contact me.

32 Meg SDRAM Kit (XS or Universal)  ----- $11
Includes PCB, Memory Chip, Capacitors and Headers

64 Meg SDRAM Kit (XS) v2.2 ----- $32
Includes PCB, Memory Chip, Capacitors and Headers

128 Meg SDRAM Kit (XSD) v2.4 ----- $50
Includes PCB, Memory Chip, Capacitors and Headers

I/O Board Kit v5.6 ----- $25
PCB, all PCB components, fan, DE-10 heatsink, and support brackets

I/O Board Kit v6 XL ----- $25
PCB, all PCB components, fan & DE-10 heatsink

RTC Clock Kit 1.3 ----- $10
PCB, Battery, All components minus temp sensor
3D Printed support brackets

USB Hub Kit 2.1 ----- $25
PCB, All PCB components, standoffs "L" connector, and power "Y" cable

Misc items:

22mm x 22mm heat sink  w/thermal tape ----- $3

External LED and Button pigtail leads --- $5

Inline Power Switch for DE-10 and/or USB Hub (approx 1 ft. cable extension) --- $5


Domestic USPS First Class ----- $5
Domestic USPS Priority Mail ----- $8

International: Varies, typically $15-$24, contact for specific info

Sales Tax:

Ohio residents are subject to 6.75% sales tax

If you are an Ohio resident, please note in your order so a correct total can be determined.

Email orders@legacypixels.com to order your MISTer items

MiSTer Installation Guide by THasse@Atari Forum: http://www.legacypixels.com/docs/mister_install_guide.pdf