About Legacy Pixels:

Legacy Pixels (LP) was founded with the goal of developing creative hardware and software solutions, with an emphasis on legacy computer systems from the 80s and 90s. LP develops hardware supporting those systems, along with software that strives to capture the magic and "feel" of those systems. While I will confess to enjoying modern games and diversions, there's a certain elegance and "magic" that comes from software running on what today seems like very limited hardware. Some of the greatest games ever developed ran on systems like the Atari 800 and ST, the Commodore 64 and Amiga, and the Apple II. (We are huge Apple fans here at LP)

While there has been a renaissance of sorts with "old school" video game consoles and computers, I believe things really took off with the development of the MiSTer FPGA platform, which provides fantastic FPGA recreations of an ever growing assortment of those systems. LP initially produced the MiSTer I/O expansion board, but rapidly expanded our range of MiSTer offerings into the wide selection of MiSTer addon boards and accessories that are available from LP today.

LP is the very definition of "small business"- I do all the work personally, though I do occasionally conscript the help of my amazing wife and daughter to verify the right items get shipped.

The LP values are simple: Provide a qualiy product for a fair price. Provide knowledge and support for our customers. Stand behind our products and workmanship. I want LP customers to be satisfied with our products, and know that LP will support them if problems arise.

LP does not outsource production, or leverage assembly services in far away places. LP does not use mass production techniques or assembly lines. Every LP board is carefully built by hand in the LP basement workshop, located in beautiful Beavercreek, Ohio. All LP products are riogrously tested to the best of our ability before shipment. If you ever have a problem with an LP product, please contact us- we want you to have many hours of enjoyment with our offerings.

Thanks for reading my missive, I look forward to providing you with useful gadgets and software!