Various and Sundry Useful Bits:

VT-100 Terminal Firmware, Source Code and case .STL Files

Terminal Github
Jumper Reference
Explanation of some Menu Items

mt32-Pi Config files

Version 0.13.1

XL (1.3" OLED)

Version 0.12.1

XL (1.3" OLED)
Rename to "mt32-pi.cfg"

Version 0.11.0

Standard (0.96" OLED)
XL (1.3" OLED)

Version 0.10.3

Standard (0.96" OLED)

Assorted STL files

MiSTer MIDI Case

Gigatron files

LP Gigatron Mainboard Assembly Instructions
LP Pluggy McPlugface Reloaded Assembly Instructions
Original Gigatron Manual
Original Gigatron Bill of Materials
BabelFish Arduino Firmware Repo