Gigatron TTL Minicomputer Kits

Pluggy McPlugface Interface now available separately (see below)

Build your own GIGATRON 8 bit microcomputer

The Gigatron computer is constructed completely with TTL Logic - no microprocessor chip! There are no complicated mystery chips, just 7400 series ICs, a memory chip, and a program ROM, along assorted diodes and capacitors and resistors.

Although there is no discrete CPU chip, the TTL logic forms a powerful 8 bit computer that you can use to play games, run applications, and even create your own software.

The Gigatron kit includes all the necessary components to build your very own Gigatron computer. Participate in a unique experience as you assemble your own machine, and learn about the concepts and inner workings of a computer system. All kit components are through-hole versions, making assembly less challenging. The needed tools are a soldering iron, solder, a multi-meter and some patience. The online documentation even includes a basic soldering tutorial.

The base system includes audio out, a VGA monitor connector and combo gameport/IO expansion port. Connecting the "Pluggy McPlugface Reloaded" adapter adds a PS/2 keyboard connector and Micro SDCard slot to store your programs and data.

The Gigatron was designed by Marcel van Kervinck and Walter Belgers, and has a dedicated support forum and Discord server hosting many creative developers and enthusiasts. The Gigatron Website has a vast collection of documentation, videos, design documents, and other useful information.

Learn more about this fantastic machine at the Gigatron Website

Legacy Pixels Changes from the original design:

- The original kit included a wooden case which is no longer available. We are working on a 3D printed option
- Pluggy McPlugFace Interface is included in the base kit
- The original Pluggy McPlugface interface only provided PS/2 keyboard and limited flash storage. Our kit includes the updated "Pluggy McPlugface Reloaded" interface which also supports SDCard storage, gameport pass through, and an internal expansion header.
- The one-time program ROM is replaced with an EPROM which can be erased and loaded with updated firmware (requires EPROM eraser and programmer)
- All 7400-series ICs are sourced directly from Texas Instruments, so you can rest easy knowing you will receive genuine parts!

What is included:

- Gigatron main PCB
- All required ICs, passive components, connectors and LEDss
- EPROM pre-programmed with the current stable firmware release
- Machine pin sockets for RAM and EPROM chips
- "Pluggy McPlugface Reloaded" PCB and required components (SDCard not included)
- Color printed assembly instructions

Available upgrades:

- IC socket kit: Contains all the IC sockets needed to fully socket the Gigatron main board
- Assemble and Test: If you prefer, for an additional fee, we will assemble and test your Gigatron and ship you the completed system



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Gigatron Kit (includes Pluggy)


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IC Socket Kit


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Assemble and Test

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Pluggy McPlugface Kit


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Pluggy Assemble and Test

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Pluggy McPlugface Reloaded:
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