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Now Available - MiSTer Expansion Boards!

SDRAM XS v1.1 ------ $20

SDRAM Universal v3.1 ----- $20

IO Board v5.5 fully populated (includes heatsink & fan) ----- $30

USB Hub v1.1 (includes standoffs, removable IO cable, and "Y" power cable) ----- $30
Specify power jack location (long or short side)

RTC Board v1.3 (includes battery) ----- $16


MiSTer SDRAM XS Kit ----- $15
Includes PCB, Memory Chip, Capacitors and Headers

MiSTer SDRAM Universal v3.1 Kit ----- $15
Includes PCB, Memory Chip, Capacitors and Headers
Specify Horizontal or Vertical

MiSTer I/O Board Kit v5.5 ----- $24
PCB, all PCB components, fan and heatsink

MiSTer RTC Clock Kit ----- $10
PCB, All components minus temp sensor
3D Printed support brackets and align fixture

Bare Boards and other items:

MiSTer SDRAM XS v1.1 PCB ----- $3

MiSTer SDRAM Universal v3.1 PCB ----- $3

MiSTer I/O PCB v5.5 ----- $5

MiSTer RTC PCB v1.3 ----- $3

MiSTer 22mm x 22mm heat sink ----- $3


Domestic USPS First Class ----- $5
Domestic USPS Priority Mail ----- $8

Email orders@legacypixels.com to order your MISTer items

MiSTer Installation Guide by THasse@Atari Forum: http://www.legacypixels.com/docs/mister_install_guide.pdf