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MiSTer MT32-Pi Interface MiSTer MT32-pi Package MiSTer MIDI 1.2
I/O v6.1 Digital I/O 1.2 XSD v2.5 128 MB
RTC v1.3 Audio Input v1.1 USB Hub v2.1
USB Hub v2.1 Kit XSD 128 Meg Kit I/O v6.1 Kit

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(29 Aug 2021)

MiSTer MT32-Pi Package MT32-Pi interface
Raspberry Pi 3A+
Preconfigured SD-Card
3D printed top & base


** In Stock **
MiSTer MT32-Pi Interface Interface board, standoffs,
M/M USB cable &
Black 3D printed top
(other colors by request)


** In Stock **
MiSTer MIDI 1.2 w/interface cable
& 3D printed case
Please Specify Color
Color Choices


** In Stock **
SDRAM XSD - 128 128 Meg (Alliance)
No errors @ 130 MHz (min)
Pass CPS 1.5 (Punisher)


** In Stock **

Standard I/O 6.1 w/heatsink & fan


** In Stock **

Digital I/O 1.2 w/heatsink & fan


Build to Order
RTC 1.3

w/battery & support brackets


** In Stock **

USB Hub 2.1
(with VBus control)

w/"L" connector, standoffs,
and power "Y" cable


** In Stock **
Audio Input Board w/ 3d printed spacer


** In Stock **

SDRAM Universal 3.1 32 Meg (Winbond)


Build to Order
SDRAM XS 2.2 - 32 32 Meg (Winbond)


Build to Order
SDRAM XS 2.2 - 64 64 Meg (Alliance)


Build to Order

Kits: (Usually 1 day to label and package)

Note that these kits require surface mount soldering equipment and expertise. If you need more info, please contact me.

MiSTer MT32-Pi Interface Kit ----- $25
Includes PCB, components, cable, standoffs and assembly jigs

32 Meg SDRAM Kit (XS or Universal)  ----- $11
Includes PCB, Memory Chip, Capacitors and Headers

64 Meg SDRAM Kit (XS) v2.2 ----- $30
Includes PCB, Memory Chip, Capacitors and Headers

128 Meg SDRAM Kit (XSD) v2.5 ----- $44
Includes PCB, Memory Chip, Capacitors and Headers

I/O Board Kit v6.1 ----- $27
PCB, all PCB components, fan & DE-10 heatsink

RTC Clock Kit 1.3 ----- $14
PCB, Battery, All components minus temp sensor
3D Printed support brackets

USB Hub Kit 2.1 ----- $27
PCB, All PCB components, standoffs "L" connector, and power "Y" cable

MIDI Board Kit v1.0 ----- $21
PCB, all PCB components, printed case

Misc items:

22mm x 22mm heat sink  w/thermal tape ----- $3

External LED and Button pigtail leads --- $5


Domestic USPS First Class ----- $5
Domestic USPS Priority Mail ----- $9

International: Varies, typically $15-$25, contact for specific info

Sales Tax:

Ohio residents are subject to 6.75% sales tax

If you are an Ohio resident, please note in your order so a correct total can be determined.

Email to order your MiSTer items

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A portion of MT32-pi sales will be used to support the developer

MiSTer MT32-pi Configuration File (0.10.2):