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Enhanced VT 100 Terminal Emulator Board

Based on:
ASCII Video TerminalBy Geoff Graham and
Geoff's VT100 TerminalBy Peter Hizalev

Legacy Pixels Enhancements:

- All new Legacy Pixels designed PCB
- RS232C and TTL level outputs
- RX, TX and Power Indicators
- Power Switch
- Software controlled beeper
- Improved signal isolation and noise reduction
- Customized version of Peter Hizalev's Terminal Software

Terminal Features:

- ASCII video display terminal with VT100 and VT52 emulation
- VGA display of 24 lines x 80 characters or 36 lines x 80 characters
- Built-in setup utility
- Baud rates from 110 to 1,500,000
- PS/2 compatible keyboard input with support for multiple layouts
- USB input with serial emulation
- USB or DC Barrel jack power input (5v)
- Custom designed 3D printed case
- Integrated PIC programming header
- Easily updated firmware
- See the Resources Page for links to documentation, source code and more

Keyboard Compatibility note:
Some combo USB/PS2 keyboards have been found to be incompatible. Always connect the keyboard before powering up the interface.

Known Incompatible keyboards:
- Fujitsu S26381-K340-V120 KBPC SX D PS2 & USB

Verified good:
- HP SDM4700P
- HP 5187-1734
- Mitsumi KFKEA4XA

What's Included:

Fully Assembled and Tested Legacy Pixels VT 100 Terminal Board
Free 3D Printed Case (available in a variety of colors)

*** Kit version available soon ***



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(30 May 2022)

VT100 Terminal Board Assembled & Tested


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